Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Finite Universe

It is simply our miopic perception that leads us to believe that the universe is infinite. There was a time that this very vision was the one that had led mankind to consider that the earth was flat. It was after extreme effort and was only when man learnt to swim the seas with vessels that they realized that the earth was round and that it consisted of unventured continents and seas. This was a time when mankind considered it impossible to cross the sky to reach for the stars. Time moved on and man is currently at at stage where it has crossed the skies and entered into the realm of stars and galaxies. The spaceships are now the vessels that have taken over from the boats that use to swim the seas of the Earth. The spaceships are boats looking at galaxies which are the continents within the sea of the Universe The Universe is as infinite and as round as the Earth.Our space is a sea. Miopic science is currently unable to realize that the space we are travelling on is the sea, the galaxies its continents and if we were to keep travelling we would eventually come back to the same spot in the universe that we started our journey from.Its is only then that we will realise that the Universe is indeed is round and that the galaixies are the continents within the finite Universe. Sura 65:12 "God is He Who created seven Firmaments and of the earth a similar number. … "

If I were a Facebook developer

I would have incorporated videoconferencing with the current Facebook Chat. This would make Facebook video conference ready and thus allow friends and family to conference and video chat via Facebook. By developing this I would eradicate the need more people to look for other options like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or any other video conference/chat etc outside of their Facebook page. The only thing I would have to know as a developer is which company would like to incorporate video videoconferencing an integral part of the Facebook Chat that is currently provided.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Blasphemous Rumours


So perhaps as I write this I too am subject to being a Blasphemous person. The entire note I am about to write is making be remember the song by Depeche Mode called Blasphemous Rumours.

The lyrics go something like " I don't want to start any Blasphemous Rumours, But I think that God's got a sick sense of humor and when I die I expect to find him laughing"

Unfortunately the note is not about the song, It about the law behind being blasphemous a crime punishable by Death

I remember as a child a parable that was repeated to me time and time again, about a lady who was blasphemous.

It narrated the story of the Prophet Mohammed and his daily interactions with an unruly female neighbour who used to curse him violently and then proceed to dump garbage onto him every day from her perch-top window each time he would ever walk by her house.

One day, the Prophet noticed that the woman was not present to throw garbage outside of her window. In true prophetic kindness, he actually went out of his way to inquire about her well-being and then proceeded to visit this unfriendly neighbor at her bedside inside of her own home when he had found out that she had fallen sick.

Shouldn't this story indeed act as the basis of leniency and kindness toward unfriendly, hostile and blasphemous acts and should this not be the way to react within our collective lives towards those who do not know better. 

If death sentence against blasphemous people was to be the norm wouldn't the neighbour in the parable have been hung?

If the Prophet had over looked the silliness to the blasphemous acts, why is the current so called Islamic lawmakers resorting to threats of violence aimed at the silliness of blasphemous acts which in turn are aimed at inciting a provocative response around the world.

I wish every Muslim around the world should take a very deep breath and simply ask themselves one basic question:

“What Would Muhammad Do?”

Thursday, September 09, 2010

What A Fucked Up World We Live In

Where one Race of Humans wakes up and decides..blah Koran..euukh..my ralijinn True ralijinn.! Zhat Islam..eukkh..garbage I tell you...burn Islam!.. What a disgraceful Race we are for we as Humans are such *****s for we have not even Read the scripture or even fathomed to understand it ! This is the World we live in! Where most of mankind has decided that Koran is not the way! History repeats itself! and those who have Read the Koran know what Happened to The Children of Israel during the time of Moses Most of the mankind is blind . Ignorant for it is their misfortune to not have the knowledge for they have read it not! and are astray and say that it is not the true word! But those who have! are at a different plateau.A plateau above the earth where no harm goes to their souls for this is just a body given to him in Kind ! For it belongs to Him and surely for those who do not believe shall be revealed! For whose who believe remain unharmed and pave their way close to God as they would rather surrender to the will of the God ! and It is God who tests the faith all his creation. Yet most are indeed, as can be seen in this World of today, Lost! Full of Hate! Full of Denial! So Full of Ourselves that we refuse to acknowledge! We want to burn the Koran! Yeah Burn the Damn thing! You ignorant Race! Do you really think that a Race of Nations can destroy the real religion of Islam and Its true followers! And do you think that this distorted Form of Humans who claim they know and are blowing themselves in the name of Allah true Muslims? Even they are ignorant and have not read the Koran. Perhaps the answer lies here Oh Mankind! Wake Up! You do not know what you are destroying! This earth was given to you by Allah! and the body to your soul! From Him you came and to Him you shall return! And you are still blind! and refuse to believe that Jesus was not the Son of God And refuse to believe the miracles of God! Indeed to Him you belong. For those who believe know! Yet Oh Mankind you refuse his words! And there are signs! from God who loves you and is most merciful and kind! God hopes you Love Him Only Him! For He is the creator of this World and He the one who gave man a body and within it he put a Ruh! And yet! Most of Mankind is blind Allah, Forgive Them ! Who am I to pass judgment! I am not your Prophet! Mankind at large have not reached to the plateau to even remotely know about your Prophet, The Last Prophet ! For they deny your Book and want to destroy it ! I am your humble servant. I cannot even fathom to pass a judgment on the people who Wish to Burn your Book! You are the Judge! And I am waiting for the time When all the signs shall be revealed ! And for those who believe know better! Yet some are scared! Yes be scared! Yes You! And You should be! Will you, when time comes, be willing to hold the rope that God has passed to you ? Or will you turn turtle ! And for those who know and are the blessed ! So my Lord I wait! Wait for the day you say is near! For you indeed I love and I have no fear It is to you indeed that I belong! It is you who created me! I do not refuse you! I love you! Please guide me to the right path! Thank you! I Love you Allah I am not with the ones who hate you and want to destroy the concept of your existence! My faith in you will never die! So guide me to the right path and forgive for those who do not believe in you! This is what my beloved Prophet said to you . Even at his time there were some time people refused you And my Prophet was merciful. That is the example he portrayed! And he did not harm others! He did not flinch when stones were thrown at him! yet he did not fight back but ask for the forgiveness for the people who threw stones at him! Forgive them Allah! He said! For they do not know ! Forgive us! Forgive Your Mankind! Show us the right path! What is the right path? And how will you know if you don't read ! Read in the name of thy LORD who created . Created man from a mere clot of blood . Read and your LORD is the most generous . The one who taught (them to write) by the pen. Thus I write! with my Pen and the " My Moving Finger Writes And Having Writ Moves On"! For I love My God! and Not the ignorant Race of Humans! And I want Him to show me the path! For I will not harm them ! My Ruh My soul! Everything belongs to you my Allah My Brain belongs to you So I pray ! to You! Deep inside my heart to show us the light! And pass your message to others so that they too can read ! For they are not blind! And should know ! For your Word is the true Word And I do not sit with the Devil Worshipers! So give me the strength..show me the way! You ! are my Allah ! Let them burn the Books! Show us the Right Path And Forgive those who refute! Show us the Right Path Love us dont leave us! We Love You I Love You! What a Fucked Up World we live in! Guide us oh God! My God says Iqra! So Read and believe for his is the true path and refuse to War Mongers and the Non believers And keep believing in your God and Read the Quran! I am and shall always Love you God! They don't know what they are destroying so Forgive them! And keep showing the right path to Mankind who loves you And let them think what they may But I am your creation and I love you! I know not but to ask for Forgiveness towards Mankind and for you to keep me on the Right Path and In you I believe And It is your Word that I Believe! I shall stay true to you! And continue asking for forgiveness for those who don't believe Keep guiding us I for one will burn the candle no matter how dark! My faith in you will not Die

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Free Software

To the ordinary user who does not care that he/she must sync there ipod or iphone to their music on their laptop or desktop I cannot suggest anything better in this world then to introduce them to the oppurtunity to rid themselves of giant companies like Microsoft and Apple.
Open your eyes to the World of Free Software.What is Free Software?
Free software” is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”.

Free software is a matter of the users' freedom to run, copy, distribute, study and even have the abilty to change and improve the software.

Mr. Stephen Fry introduces you to free software, and reminds you of a very special birthday

Here is a glimpse of how to locate, download and even develop open source software. There are endless possibilities in the world of open source software. You can venture the World of the Free software revolution by going to the Free Software Directory.
For those who are using Windows or Mac OSX you may be surprised if I inform you that many users within these operating system are currently using open source products like Firefox Web Browser or VLC Media Player or perhaps even an open source office productivity suite.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Poem - "Invisible"

Along the Road, Upon the stairs she stood
She gaped at me, starred and smiled
Her lips luscious with lovely red
I didn't see her vibes for me
Nor did I take much care
Or perhaps I did
But never went and spoke to her
I and my invisible barrier